Cox Heritage Center Design

Posted on Apr 11, 2008

This was a concept that I designed for the Cox Group’s history museum in their corporate headquarters.  They wanted to see some various ideas on how to display their history.  I wanted it to have some flexibility and be able to be updated.

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Connie Knapp Interior

Posted on Dec 12, 2004

These were a few of the renderings that I did for an interior designer named Connie Knapp. Â These were done so that she could show her client her vision at the project presentation.

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Chatterbox Interior Design

Posted on Dec 12, 2002

This was the interior design and fabrication that I did for the Chatterbox Pub. The columns are wood and then painted. The ceiling is stamped tin that I painted and the lights were created for the space. I included both the illustrations and the final installed shots to see a comparison between the drawing and the...

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Bayport Cookery Interior

Posted on Dec 12, 2001

These Illustrations were done for a design that I did for some window treatments at a local restaurant. But I wanted the client to see what they would look like in their space.

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MCAD Gallery Rendering

Posted on Dec 12, 2000

I did these illustrations so that I could set up my senior show before I had access to the space, but as I was doing it I took it as an exercise to architectural illustration.

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