Posted on Jul 14, 2014

2014 Square Lake Festival Welcome With Gao Hong from cathan Murray on Vimeo.

Every year I am asked to animate a poster that is done for the Square Lake Film and Music Festival. The posters are done independent of my knowledge so it is always a surprise as to the style and look of that years poster. This is a challenge but also something that I look forward to working on each year. The Poster was designed and created by Erica Williams and was darker then most of the other posters. This posed an interesting problem. How to create a captivating piece with very few colors. This video took a while to figure out what the story was but I started thinking about animating a few bullets that Erica had placed between the bands names as fire flies and then when I found the amazing song by Gao Hong entitles Flying Dragon the whole story formed its self in my head. The other thing that I decided was that the video would be more of a music video this year and follow the music compleatly. A decision that lead to the piece you see here.