To me, design is too vast to focus on just one small area of work. I have always been curious

and driven. I have used these traits in the way I approach design. When a problem calls for a solution,

I seek resolution for the task at hand, not what is right for my job title. With that mentality, I feel that I can

excel in any work place. Currently, I am proficient in video editing, photography, 3D modeling, 3D

and 2D animation, exhibit design, sculpture, fabrication (in wood, metal and fiberglass), management,

graphic design, motion graphics, education, and creative problem solving. I have chosen to weave

these elements together into a strong fabric that I can drape over any design obstacle to create the right

solution for it.

I understand team work and have a great ability to work with peers, and taking the reigns of

leadership when needed. I have had management responsibilities over the years, from several kitchen

manager jobs, to facilities manager at Ivy Arts. Currently I lead the video production at Skyline, and I

manage their assets; graphic design, setting up a shoot, or working with marketing on scripting and

message. I love working with others, and feel that no matter what capacity I am working within a team,

IÂ have a lot to offer towards the success of the group.

Although I work very well with others, I am not the kind of person that needs others to come up

with initiatives or projects. I am a highly motivated self-starter, seeking out additional projects to

undertake. Â At Skyline I lead the modeling of all products, as well as video and designer training. These

were areas that I found holes in our offerings and sought out solutions; never being tasked by upper

management to undergo these projects.

If hired, you would get a very well rounded, self starter with an eye for form and a mind for

function. Â A candidate with the knowledge of how things can be built, branded and marketed.

In short you will be getting a leader, an innovator…

a “designer”.


But don’t take my word for it here are a few letters of recommendation

To whom it may concern:


I had the privilege to work with Cathan Murray in my role as Creative Director at Skyline Exhibits in Eagan, Mn. for nearly seven years. In those seven years, I watched a young talented designer and craftsman blossom into an experienced design lead capable of managing major projects of all scope and size.

Cathan is an amazing self-motivated individual. He has the uncanny ability to take very little design direction and turn out amazing work. He would bring this ability to all projects he worked on, from video design and production, to amazing exhibit designs. One thing you could always count on; Cathan would get it done to a very high standard, and always on time.

As part of Cathan’s evolving role at Skyline, I was able to put in to great use the many videos he produced to help promote the design and marketing organization supporting the many strategies I was implementing. He was a great member of the design team and could always be counted on to jump in wherever necessary, making him an invaluable member of any team.

I cannot recommend Cathan any more than to say you will struggle to find another, harder working, self-motivated, talented designer in one package than with Cathan Murray.



Scott Roschi

Director of Design

Landscape Structures, Inc.


To whom it may concern:


I am writing today on behalf of our Creative Director: Cathan Murray. Due to his exemplary work ethic and superior design skills… a letter of recommendation is in order. Barkley’s Bistro would not be a successful small business if it weren’t for the creative eye behind all of our projects, initiatives, and promotions. Cathan’s tireless work in artwork consulting, imagery, and key branding elements have sparked the interest of our target markets… and propelled our brand from a small start-up to a coveted product line by both local and national distribution channels.

Cathan is the first designer I have worked with that excels in time management and effective communication. In the world of real-time expectations Cathan sets the bar… suggesting relevant projects and “quick fixes” as solutions before problems arise. It’s this proactive behavior that sets Cathan apart from his peers in the industry… and makes for a pleasant work environment for our team! I have seen first-hand Cathan’s portfolio of artwork and project experience, and am certain that you will find no greater attention to detail or passion from any other “designer” in the field. Cathan Murray would make a wonderful addition to your team.



Jamie Compton

Sales & Barketing

Barkley’s Bistro, LLC