Piloti Exhibit Design

Posted on Oct 3, 2008

This design was for a high-end racing shoe.  They wanted the 20×20 to have a VIP feel with only one entrance.  The rest of the space was dedicated to one on one meetings and product display.  I wanted to create a dynamic space that had a lot of draw.  To do this I made a two layer fabric shell that had color changing LED’s set between the layers.  This client also wanted to do a 10×20, 10×10 and some small displays for a rented hotel...

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Sterling Optical Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 17, 2007

This exhibit had a very interesting problem that needed to be solved.  the client wanted to have the three divisions showing in a single space but in distinctly separate areas.  They also wanted to be able to break those three areas into their own exhibits that could be showing at different shows at the same time.  They also wanted the brand to look cohesive across the three divisions.  The design solved this by...

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Fontaine Blue Exhibit Design

Posted on Feb 20, 2007

For this exhibit the client wanted me to create the feel of their hotels in a 10×10 space. Â I did a lot of research on their hotels and started seing elements that were specific to their spaces. Â I took as many of those elements and worked them into the exhibit you see above.

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