2012 Square Lake film Festival

Posted on Jul 31, 2012

  Every year I am asked to animate a poster that is done for the Square Lake Film and Music Festival. The posters are done independent of my knowledge so it is always a surprise as to the style and look of that years poster. This is a challenge but also something that I look forward to working on each year. This year was no exception. As soon as I saw the poster, designed by Mike Davis of Burlesque of North America, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do but in this case the files were created for screen print and needed to be re-created. I used apple motion for the...

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Exhibitor 2012 invite

Posted on Feb 10, 2012

  I video that was done as a promo piece for the up-incoming exhibitor show. I was in charge of the creative direction, motion and typography, post production, as well as interoperating the print graphics into video graphics. The end result is seen here and feel that it is a very nice piece with a lot of movement and excitement. The script was written by Mike Timmesch, voice work done by Patrick Byers, original graphic design and photography by Jason Gilmour.

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Saudi Aramco Exhibit Design

Posted on Oct 4, 2011

  This exhibit was designed for a large oil company.  The exhibit had to be sophisticated, well branded, pay homage to Saudi Arabian culture and have several sections  designed for a theater, semi-private meetings, interview areas, information kiosks, a bar area, and a hospitality internet cafe.  After doing research on modern Saudi Arabian architecture I found that their was a lot of use of ancient patterns spun into modern shapes , so I took that approach when designing this exhibit.  I placed a lot of laser cut screen throughout the exhibit along with bold shapes and a...

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One World Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 28, 2011

  This Exhibit was designed for the One World Alliance for there GBTA show in Denver. I designed the exhibit to be a representation of an airport tarmac with the large tail fins differentiating the spaces. In years past the alliance was looking disconnected so this year we wanted to make the space feel a lot more cohesive and connected. The exhibit was a huge success at the show and the One World Alliance was so happy with the results that they signed a three year contract with...

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Service Center Promo

Posted on Jan 20, 2011

  I Created this video to promote the Skyline service centers.I combined live-action 3D animation and 2.5D Animation together to create an internal short for Skylines dealers.   To make the video I Used: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Apple Motion Final Cut Pro Strata Stills from The...

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Envoy Sales Video

Posted on May 21, 2010

  This Animation was created as a sales primer for our sales force. It was created to show the process that was done to create a new product. We wanted to show the influence and ideation that went into the product as well as some of the designs and final product that was developed.   To make the video I Used: Adobe Photoshop Apple Motion Strata Stills from The...

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Exhibitor 2010 Content

Posted on Feb 19, 2010

  This video was the content that was playing in Skylines 2010 exhibitor booth. I created it using quotes from clients and the graphic design by Matt Nolting. We kept the sound off of this video to keep the noise down in the exhibit. This video was created in 3 parts for 3 different screens and was ment to be played simultaneously. Each section covers a different part of skylines core values.   To make the design and video I Used: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Apple Motion Final Cut Pro Stills from The...

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The One That Didn’t Get Away

Posted on Nov 25, 2009

  A video that was done for a show at the Vine Arts Center that focused on the process of making the pieces in the show. I did several video’s for the artists in the show using video or pictures that they shot during the making of there artwork. This video fallowed the process of a copper and steel fish made by Holly Vrieze Murray using only pictures.   To make the video I Used: Adobe Photoshop Apple Motion Final Cut Pro Stills from The...

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Viz Media 2007 Exhibit Design

Posted on Nov 26, 2007

  Viz Media had us design several exhibits for several different shows. This one was designed for the licensing show. The show was geard towards meetings for the rights to license media company’s assets. This 50×50 needed to be able to have a controlled entrance, several large conference rooms and displays that could be seen from both the outside and the inside. The also wanted their character assets positioned all over the exhibit. The Video was a Piece I did later for Skyline exhibits highlighting a recent clients thoughts on Skylines service, and capabilities. All the...

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