Permobile Exhibit Design

Posted on Dec 8, 2005

This exhibit was designed for a electric wheelchair manufacturer.  The client wanted to display their product throughout the exhibit and have areas for looping video and demos.  I designed it as a very clean space with a lot of area to enter.  The reception was designed to be wheelchair accessible as well as the entrances.  As you can see from the pictures the client had a different vision for the graphics that I wish didn’t happen including text of sheer banners, but hey nobody’s perfect.

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DeLa Rue Exhibit design

Posted on Sep 20, 2005

  This project was for a software company that specializes in bank and financial software. For this design we wanted to create a mock bank that was able to highlight all of the areas that their products could be used. I did two different looks from the outside one a modern clean building and another more traditional look. The interior used bright brand colors and some traditional bank fixturing to create a fun yet professional feel.

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Gulf Coast Spa Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 11, 2005

  For this exhibit they wanted to give a feeling of water and movement.  I created a central area that represented the jets of the clients hottubs around this area there was product  and an area for the repair division and several zones for various lines of their product.

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