Cellatel Exhibit Design

Posted on Dec 14, 2006

  Cellatel is a european cell phone company that was going to release their products to the US at this show, so they wanted a very big first impression. Â The phones that they were about to release all had a fashion spin to them so they wanted to have a fashion show going on down the middle of their exhibit. Â They also wanted to have large bold graphics, space for models to change, and a lot of product displays throughout. Â The design that I came up with...

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Coors 2006 Event Design

Posted on Dec 9, 2006

These “exhibits were all designed for a event that coors was throwing for all of their brands.  Each of these spaces needed to be the same architecture but take on a completely different look depending on the sub-brand that was occupying them.  Each of these smaller spaces then surrounded a larger lounge area that was designed by Greg Mathieson (Shown on the last Image).  Ultimately we didn’t win this job but I felt that it was a very s

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ADT 2006 Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 10, 2006

This Exhibit was designed and built for ADT.  The Client wanted space for demo’s, storage, Literature display and private conferences, but mostly they wanted to have the feel of a home that is being protected by ADT.  With that I designed an enclosed space and decorated it with some home furniture and then represented there protection with the graphics on the walls.  Most of the elements that were used for the conference rooms and demo station were elements that I used from a...

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Dentspy Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 6, 2006

  Dentsply is a dental supply company that wanted to go to show with a clean modern exhibit.  They wanted to have a presentation area as well as a few areas to display their products.  I designed a very curved and unique display with custom looking areas that met their needs well.

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Kobelco Exhibit Design

Posted on Apr 26, 2006

  This exhibit was designed for a steel company, and won the best of show at the show.

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EMI Exhibit Design

Posted on Jan 30, 2006

This was a few different designs that I did for EMI’s Christian Music division. The client wanted to have areas to meet some of their artists as well as listening stations and meeting areas. Â I designed custom listening pods that would work outside of their exhibit. Â The client also wanted to have their exhibit reconfigure into a 10×20.

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