Skyline Illustration & Renderings

Posted on Dec 2, 2010

These are a few renderings that I modeled and rendered for various Skyline or client product illustrations or add elements.

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Viz Media 2007 Exhibit Design

Posted on Nov 26, 2007

  Viz Media had us design several exhibits for several different shows. This one was designed for the licensing show. The show was geard towards meetings for the rights to license media company’s assets. This 50×50 needed to be able to have a controlled entrance, several large conference rooms and displays that could be seen from both the outside and the inside. The also wanted their character assets positioned all over the exhibit. The Video was a Piece I did later for Skyline exhibits highlighting a recent clients thoughts on Skylines service, and capabilities. All the...

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DLO Exhibit Design/Animation

Posted on Sep 27, 2007

  One of the first exhibit animations that I did for a design that I created for DLO. I had seen some of the other animations people did and I felt that they lacked excitement so I decided to create an intro to the video using some of there brand images. I feel that this intro helped established a good feeling of brand understanding. The booth it’s self was a 20×30 that required storage, a conference room, and several distinct zones for various product displays. It was going to mac world so I wanted it to be clean and sophisticated while fallowing DLO’s brand...

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Prism Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 14, 2007

  Prism came to us wanting us to start off with several greyscale concepts to see if we could give them something that they liked.  After doing five very different ideas they decided to have us take the design further.  What we went with is a 30×30 with a large theater, a double deck with lounge seating and large graphics.  The overhead structure follows the triangular deck  with sections removed for head room o

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Sterling Optical Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 17, 2007

This exhibit had a very interesting problem that needed to be solved.  the client wanted to have the three divisions showing in a single space but in distinctly separate areas.  They also wanted to be able to break those three areas into their own exhibits that could be showing at different shows at the same time.  They also wanted the brand to look cohesive across the three divisions.  The design solved this by...

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Hilti 2007 Exhibit Design

Posted on May 8, 2007

This exhibit was designed for Hilti.  The client wanted a huge presence and was interested in marketing their tools to the home owners rather then professional craftsmen.  they didn’t want to loose that market though.  When I designed this I wanted to design the space to be reminiscent of a home on the exterior but still have some of the features that a craftsmen would be familiar with. All of the tool demo areas had hanging tools on coiled pneumatic hoses.  Each of these demo...

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NMS Exhibit Design

Posted on May 4, 2007

  NMS Communications is a telecommunications company that went to many different size exhibits at various shows.  For this design I wanted to leverage their brand but still give them a flexible space.  I decided to design a structure that hid sections of it’s self so that various graphics could be moved in and out depending on the configurations.  Demo’s were very important as well so they wanted a lot...

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Tri-tech Exhibit Design

Posted on Mar 8, 2007

  This was a design for a software company that serviced the firefighters and the police officers, each of their brands for these two divisions used different colors, imagery and approach to the show, but wanted to show in the same space.  I designed the exhibit two have two sides divided by a central tower.  One division wanted to present to their clients while the other was going with a demo approach.  Each of the sides of the exhibit were designed to accommodate this approach. Â

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Fontaine Blue Exhibit Design

Posted on Feb 20, 2007

For this exhibit the client wanted me to create the feel of their hotels in a 10×10 space. Â I did a lot of research on their hotels and started seing elements that were specific to their spaces. Â I took as many of those elements and worked them into the exhibit you see above.

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