Hisence Showroom

Posted on Oct 8, 2012

  A showroom design for a technology company. This design was done alongside of a fellow designer, Nikki Bloomfield. We wanted to create a very hightech looking area to highlight their AV equipment. They wanted to fit a lot of there products into a relatively small space along with having a theater and an area to showcase there kitchen equipment. I feel that we came up with a very compelling solution that addressed all of there needs. The shapes spoke to there branding along with the color changing LEDs. Every aspect of the design was created to seamlessly walk someone through there...

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Exhibitor 2012 invite

Posted on Feb 10, 2012

  I video that was done as a promo piece for the up-incoming exhibitor show. I was in charge of the creative direction, motion and typography, post production, as well as interoperating the print graphics into video graphics. The end result is seen here and feel that it is a very nice piece with a lot of movement and excitement. The script was written by Mike Timmesch, voice work done by Patrick Byers, original graphic design and photography by Jason Gilmour.

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