Saudi Aramco Exhibit Design

Posted on Oct 4, 2011

  This exhibit was designed for a large oil company.  The exhibit had to be sophisticated, well branded, pay homage to Saudi Arabian culture and have several sections  designed for a theater, semi-private meetings, interview areas, information kiosks, a bar area, and a hospitality internet cafe.  After doing research on modern Saudi Arabian architecture I found that their was a lot of use of ancient patterns spun into modern shapes , so I took that approach when designing this exhibit.  I placed a lot of laser cut screen throughout the exhibit along with bold shapes and a...

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Cascade Exhibit Design

Posted on Dec 13, 2010

Cascade Engineering is a manufacturer of garbage cans so I wanted to be able to display this common object in a space that made it feel more special then it was.  I created a modern, slightly closed off space, to add a little mystique to the exhibit.  I made the exterior very clean and stark while contrasting that with the retro colorful “wallpaper” look on the interior.  The “wallpaper” was created by making a repeated pattern of...

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Hilti 2010 Exhibit Design

Posted on Jan 4, 2010

  For this exhibit the client wanted a space to highlight their tools in a very branded space. Â I am very familiar with Hilti from my fabrication side of design so I was ver excite to work on this project. Â The client did own a few items so I wanted to use their existing product so I could get a bigger impact. Â I was very happy with the upper fabric structures and how they drew people into the front. Â The interior of the exhibit had a lot of space for tool display and the exhibit I feel represented their brand well.

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Celanese 2008 Exhibit Design

Posted on May 5, 2008

This was a project that was done for a green based paint company.  They wanted a double deck to hold meetings along with area for storage and several demo areas where people could use their paint products.  I came up with this design to highlight their green aspects through the 3-form plexi panels with natural reeds incapsulated within.  The demo stations had paint cans sunken into the table tops to hold their product....

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HMI Exhibit Design/Animation

Posted on Feb 8, 2008

  This Exhibit was designed for Herman Miller on a release of their new furniture line. They wanted the booth to have a showroom feel but also be flexible enough to reconfigure into a 10×20, 20×20, 20×30 and a 20×40. They also wanted to see what the exhibit could do in the future with the same parts and pieces. With my furniture background I was very aware of Herman Miller and what their brand ment to furniture design so I wanted to create a space that would highlight their new stuff but still pay homage to their history. When it came to the animation I...

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DLO Exhibit Design/Animation

Posted on Sep 27, 2007

  One of the first exhibit animations that I did for a design that I created for DLO. I had seen some of the other animations people did and I felt that they lacked excitement so I decided to create an intro to the video using some of there brand images. I feel that this intro helped established a good feeling of brand understanding. The booth it’s self was a 20×30 that required storage, a conference room, and several distinct zones for various product displays. It was going to mac world so I wanted it to be clean and sophisticated while fallowing DLO’s brand...

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Sterling Optical Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 17, 2007

This exhibit had a very interesting problem that needed to be solved.  the client wanted to have the three divisions showing in a single space but in distinctly separate areas.  They also wanted to be able to break those three areas into their own exhibits that could be showing at different shows at the same time.  They also wanted the brand to look cohesive across the three divisions.  The design solved this by...

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NMS Exhibit Design

Posted on May 4, 2007

  NMS Communications is a telecommunications company that went to many different size exhibits at various shows.  For this design I wanted to leverage their brand but still give them a flexible space.  I decided to design a structure that hid sections of it’s self so that various graphics could be moved in and out depending on the configurations.  Demo’s were very important as well so they wanted a lot...

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Dentspy Exhibit Design

Posted on Jun 6, 2006

  Dentsply is a dental supply company that wanted to go to show with a clean modern exhibit.  They wanted to have a presentation area as well as a few areas to display their products.  I designed a very curved and unique display with custom looking areas that met their needs well.

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