Calavo Exhibit Design

Posted on Apr 3, 2011

Calavo’s exhibit was designed to the fallowing criteria: a double deck with lounge seating on top, Product display of there fruits and vegetables, a place to serve food and large storage for all of their product.  They also needed a large amount of literature and refrigeration. I then took queues from their brand when it came to the materials and graphics. When it came to the interesting problem of serving product that needed to be cooled at...

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Celanese 2009 Exhibit Concepts

Posted on Nov 12, 2009

  For this exhibit the client wanted to see several different looks on the first round of designs and agreed to us doing some quick designs without graphics to flush out the one they wanted me to go further with. Â I came up with several very different approaches to the project and was happy with all of them. Â The client had worked with us before but they were now going with a larger space. Â All and all the criteria was

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Eurotech Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 28, 2009

This Design was done for a european server manufacturer.  There servers have a blue glow inside of them so I wanted to create the exhibit with this same type of look.  I also wanted the exhibit to look very futuristic and techie.

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HMI Exhibit Design/Animation

Posted on Feb 8, 2008

  This Exhibit was designed for Herman Miller on a release of their new furniture line. They wanted the booth to have a showroom feel but also be flexible enough to reconfigure into a 10×20, 20×20, 20×30 and a 20×40. They also wanted to see what the exhibit could do in the future with the same parts and pieces. With my furniture background I was very aware of Herman Miller and what their brand ment to furniture design so I wanted to create a space that would highlight their new stuff but still pay homage to their history. When it came to the animation I...

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EMI Exhibit Design

Posted on Jan 30, 2006

This was a few different designs that I did for EMI’s Christian Music division. The client wanted to have areas to meet some of their artists as well as listening stations and meeting areas. Â I designed custom listening pods that would work outside of their exhibit. Â The client also wanted to have their exhibit reconfigure into a 10×20.

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