Eight Bight Exhibit Design

Posted on May 12, 2011

  This Deign was a concept for a new product offering that we were releasing. Â So there was no client involved. Â I wanted to create something fun yet impressive.

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Cascade Exhibit Design

Posted on Dec 13, 2010

Cascade Engineering is a manufacturer of garbage cans so I wanted to be able to display this common object in a space that made it feel more special then it was.  I created a modern, slightly closed off space, to add a little mystique to the exhibit.  I made the exterior very clean and stark while contrasting that with the retro colorful “wallpaper” look on the interior.  The “wallpaper” was created by making a repeated pattern of...

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Mitsubishi Exhibit Design

Posted on Apr 8, 2008

  Mitsubishi came to us wanting to have a dynamic exhibit designed for the release of a new product.  For this design I used some standard fabric structures hung in an interesting way to create a interesting center piece that we then projected light and logos on.  They also wanted the design to reconfigure into a 10×20.

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Prism Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 14, 2007

  Prism came to us wanting us to start off with several greyscale concepts to see if we could give them something that they liked.  After doing five very different ideas they decided to have us take the design further.  What we went with is a 30×30 with a large theater, a double deck with lounge seating and large graphics.  The overhead structure follows the triangular deck  with sections removed for head room o

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Coors 2006 Event Design

Posted on Dec 9, 2006

These “exhibits were all designed for a event that coors was throwing for all of their brands.  Each of these spaces needed to be the same architecture but take on a completely different look depending on the sub-brand that was occupying them.  Each of these smaller spaces then surrounded a larger lounge area that was designed by Greg Mathieson (Shown on the last Image).  Ultimately we didn’t win this job but I felt that it was a very s

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