Pro Path Exhibit Design

Posted on Sep 12, 2011

This exhibit is for a dermatology company.  In their 30×60, the client wanted to have a centralized  area that was divided into three areas, meeting areas, semi-private meeting areas and an area for a contest involving microscopes.  The client was also going to have a 20×20 that was to leverage their owned assets but with different graphics that were branded more towards women.

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Viz Media Exhibit Design 2

Posted on Feb 27, 2008

  This was the second design that I did for Viz Media. They wanted a gallery look but a very modern feel.  I took queues from a few Japanese museums but added more of a comic book look and feel to the design.  I used color changing lights on some of the elements along with a large projection screen to create movement.  The rest of the space was designed to be an interactive area dedicated to the education of the Viz brand. To make the design and...

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Cellatel Exhibit Design

Posted on Dec 14, 2006

  Cellatel is a european cell phone company that was going to release their products to the US at this show, so they wanted a very big first impression. Â The phones that they were about to release all had a fashion spin to them so they wanted to have a fashion show going on down the middle of their exhibit. Â They also wanted to have large bold graphics, space for models to change, and a lot of product displays throughout. Â The design that I came up with...

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