Saudi Aramco Exhibit Design

Posted on Oct 4, 2011

  This exhibit was designed for a large oil company.  The exhibit had to be sophisticated, well branded, pay homage to Saudi Arabian culture and have several sections  designed for a theater, semi-private meetings, interview areas, information kiosks, a bar area, and a hospitality internet cafe.  After doing research on modern Saudi Arabian architecture I found that their was a lot of use of ancient patterns spun into modern shapes , so I took that approach when designing this exhibit.  I placed a lot of laser cut screen throughout the exhibit along with bold shapes and a...

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Viz Media 2007 Exhibit Design

Posted on Nov 26, 2007

  Viz Media had us design several exhibits for several different shows. This one was designed for the licensing show. The show was geard towards meetings for the rights to license media company’s assets. This 50×50 needed to be able to have a controlled entrance, several large conference rooms and displays that could be seen from both the outside and the inside. The also wanted their character assets positioned all over the exhibit. The Video was a Piece I did later for Skyline exhibits highlighting a recent clients thoughts on Skylines service, and capabilities. All the...

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Hilti 2007 Exhibit Design

Posted on May 8, 2007

This exhibit was designed for Hilti.  The client wanted a huge presence and was interested in marketing their tools to the home owners rather then professional craftsmen.  they didn’t want to loose that market though.  When I designed this I wanted to design the space to be reminiscent of a home on the exterior but still have some of the features that a craftsmen would be familiar with. All of the tool demo areas had hanging tools on coiled pneumatic hoses.  Each of these demo...

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Gulf Coast Spa Exhibit Design

Posted on Aug 11, 2005

  For this exhibit they wanted to give a feeling of water and movement.  I created a central area that represented the jets of the clients hottubs around this area there was product  and an area for the repair division and several zones for various lines of their product.

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